Key Prints & Patterns for 2022

Key Prints & Patterns for 2022

Are you just like me, fashion-forward and thinking about the new season months ahead? if you said yes, the following are just some of the top trending prints in for 2022:

PLAID: Plaid print is one of the fashion trends that will be in style all year long.

CHECKERED: The basic white and black will go far!

GINGHAM: Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz, made it famous....and yes! it's back with a modern twist.

COLOR BLOCK PRINTS: Big, and bold prints are so in!

LEOPARD PRINT: Always in style!

While there is a saying that fashion has no rules, it's important to consider two things when mixing patterns: scale and color. Look for prints and patterns with similar tones. For example: mix large patterns with small more neutral tones.

Ultimately, though, the main point is to always have fun and see what works for you!

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