The Connection Between Clothing & Mood

The Connection Between Clothing & Mood

Claudia Maya

We all just wanna feel and look good, right? Well, did you know there is a connection between clothing and your mood; the scientific term is Enclothed Cognition.

Enclothed Cognition relates the effect clothing has upon a person's mental process; how they think, feel, and function. In other words, clothes have a symbolic meaning that can influence our psychological state (mood).

Try it out! When you wake up in the morning, take a moment to check-in with yourself and ask, How do I want to feel today? friendly? fierce? confident? sexy? make an intentional clothes selection, and don't forget to make it fun!

My recommendation is to always seek out new styles, colors and silhouettes that are outside of your typical comfort may surprise yourself!

So, regardless, what your sense of style is, own it and continue to be Uniquely YOU! 

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