UNIQUELY CLAUDIA Boutique Turns 2!

UNIQUELY CLAUDIA Boutique Turns 2!

Today, November 22nd is a very special day for me…UNIQUELY CLAUDIA Boutique turns 2! I can't believe it's been two years since I took a leap of faith and started my own company. It seems like just yesterday that I was nervously putting together my first order for products and shipping my first customer order.

When I look back at where I was then and where I am now, I am truly amazed of what I’ve been able to accomplish. As women, we are constantly juggling a million different things at once. It can be hard to find time for ourselves, let alone time to celebrate our successes. So it’s only appropriate to share how extremely proud I am of what I've built thus far, and share a little secret that still holds true, I still do a little dance when an order is placed!  

During this time, so much has happened – both the good and the not so good turned into lessons. There have been times when I felt completely defeated, and overwhelmed, but through it all, one thing has remained constant: my sense of gratitude. 

  • I'm grateful for the lessons I've learned along the way. Every failure, and success has taught me something valuable about myself and running a business.
  • I'm grateful for the relationships that have developed as a result of this journey. From clients to suppliers to mentors, and especially other women entrepreneurs, these people have helped me learn more than they'll ever know.
  • I'm grateful for how far my business has come in such a short amount time. Seeing tangible results makes all the hard work worth it! 
  • I am especially grateful for my family, who have supported me since day one; without their unconditional love and support, there wouldn't be a UNIQUELY CLAUDIA Boutique.

So today, I'm raising a glass to all the strong boss babes out there who are chasing their dreams. Never give up, fight through the doubts and fears, and know the best is yet to come! Thank you for being by my side every step of the way. Here's to many more successful years ahead!


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