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Anabella Smocking Detail Mini Dress

Anabella Smocking Detail Mini Dress

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Unveil a new standard of sophistication with The Anabella Dress, a timeless masterpiece that exudes grace and refinement. Crafted to captivate, this enchanting ensemble combines exquisite design details to create a garment that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Elegant Stand Collar with Frill Front: The Anabella Dress begins its narrative with a stand collar adorned with a delicate frill front. This intricate feature adds a touch of charm and elevates the dress to an unparalleled level of sophistication.

Pearl-Like Buttons Down: The journey of elegance continues as you gaze upon the pearl-like buttons that gracefully adorn the front of the dress. 

Self-Fabric Waist Tie: The Anabella Dress understands the power of self-expression. It offers a self-fabric waist tie, allowing you to shape and contour the dress to your desired silhouette. Whether cinched tightly for a defined waist or loosely tied for an effortless, flowing look, this dress is your canvas for self-expression.

Long Sleeves with Concealed Zipper Cuffs: Envelop yourself in timeless elegance with the long sleeves of The Anabella Dress. What sets it apart is the concealed zipper cuffs that lend an air of mystery and sophistication. Unzip them to reveal your favorite accessories or leave them closed for a more reserved, refined appearance.

Tiered A-Line Skirt: As you descend, you will encounter the pièce de résistance - a tiered A-line skirt. This design choice offers both a classic and contemporary aesthetic, ensuring you stand out in every setting. The tiers add a playful dimension to the dress while maintaining an air of refined femininity.

The Perfect Chic and Feminine Look: The Anabella Dress transcends fashion to become a statement of timeless chic and unapologetic femininity. It's not merely a garment; it's an embodiment of confidence and style, designed for those who seek to make a lasting impression.

In The Anabella Dress, you will feel like the protagonist of your own story, where elegance meets grace and sophistication intertwines with confidence. Elevate your elegance; embrace The Anabella Dress today and make every moment a masterpiece.

  • Lined
  • 65% Cotton, and 35% Polyester
  • Gentle Machine Wash Cold. Do Not Bleach
  • Imported
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