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Irisa Oversized Boyfriend Blazer

Irisa Oversized Boyfriend Blazer

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Get ready to make a statement in the Irisa Oversized Boyfriend Blazer – a testament to dedication and style that redefines the game. Crafted meticulously, this iconic piece is a labor of love, born from a pursuit of perfection that refused to compromise. The result? A bold, unapologetic statement piece that's worth every penny and then some.

The Irisa Oversized Boyfriend Blazer isn't just oversized – it's an embodiment of attitude, designed to turn heads and make a statement. Its generous proportions are not just for show; they speak volumes about confidence and individuality. The back slits add a touch of intrigue, a subtle peek into the unexpected, while the meticulous lining ensures a flawless drape that exudes sophistication.

With the Irisa Oversized Boyfriend Blazer, you're not just investing in a garment; you're embracing a symbol of fearless fashion. Don it with pride and watch heads turn, whispers follow, and hearts skip a beat. This isn't just a blazer; it's an expression – a bold, unapologetic proclamation of your style prowess!

  • Lined
  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand Wash Cold. Do Not Bleach. Line Dry. Iron Low Heat.
  • Imported
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